Cheap and Pretty flowers during Valentine’s Day are not hard to find. We know how hard it is when you are on a tight budget. Look for us, Valentine’s Day 2022 Collection! We have a collection that will make you spoilt for choices!

Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day flowers to gift your companion or other floral products for any other occasion, you can depend on us to provide the best bouquets as well as fast and reliable delivery to your doorstep in Malaysia.


With delivery at a small fee, we deliver to most places in Malaysia. You need not worry about any last minute bouquet gifts this Valentine’s. 

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Add on a personal note to express how you feel. We believe a heartfelt note will most likely capture your partner’s attention more!



Valentine's Day 2024

{V49} Rainbow Love Box

Original price was: RM200.00.Current price is: RM149.00.
Original price was: RM200.00.Current price is: RM159.00.

Valentine's Day Preserved Flowers

{V34} Rachel


Valentine's Day Preserved Flowers

{V39} Catalina

Original price was: RM249.00.Current price is: RM179.00.

Valentine's Day 2024

Ashley Red Rose Bouquet (VD)


Valentine's Day Preserved Flowers

{V36} Amelia

Original price was: RM199.00.Current price is: RM149.00.

Valentine's Day 2024

{V27} 50 Roses Bouquet

Original price was: RM799.00.Current price is: RM659.00.

About Bukit Timah Florist

Bukit Timah is home to many bespoke florist. But, which Bukit Timah Florist is the best for you? With so many florists to choose from, it can be quite a headache to buy the perfect bouquet for your recipient. However, should choosing flowers really be that difficult? At Floral Garage, we have such a huge variety of flowers that visiting us is just enough. You can happily order your flowers in the comfort of your home and be rest assured that your recipient receives them within the stipulated time slot.

In Malaysia, flowers are used as a gesture for an infinite number of reasons. There is a flower for every occasion or purpose and we have them all. Red roses can be used to suggest romance, sunflowers can be used to congratulate someone or cheer someone up, and pink or yellow roses can be sent to a platonic friend or client just to say thanks. We have them all at Floral Garage and that is not the best thing. The best news about this is that our flowers are believed to be the best and freshest in Malaysia given that they come directly from our farms to you! Your bouquet will also be handcrafted by our passionate and experienced florists who would always put great thought and devotion into every order.

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