Casabella Pink Hydrangea Flower Box (VD)


We made Casabella to make your loved one fall in love with you over and over. It has pretty hydrangeas and sweet roses in a hat box from Floral Garage, all set up and ready to show off on a table at home. It’s a nice surprise for when they come home or a cool centerpiece for their office desk to brag about to their coworkers!

Big size: 43 centimeters long and 48 centimeters high.
Medium size: 34 centimeters long and 36 centimeters high.


Big bunch:
1 stem of Pink Hydrangea
2-3 stems of Lilac Mathiola
5-7 stems of Avalanche Rose
5-7 stems of Ocean Song Rose
1-2 stems of Lilac Ping Pong
4-5 stems of Pink Carnation
2-3 stems of White Eustoma

Medium bunch:
1 stem of Pink Hydrangea
1-2 stems of Lilac Mathiola
4-5 stems of Avalanche Rose
4-5 stems of Ocean Song Rose
1-2 stems of Lilac Ping Pong
2-3 stems of Pink Carnation
1-2 stems of White Eustoma

Valentine’s Day

1-3 days

Please note that certain Valentine’s Day flowers and fillers in 2024 may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability.
Floral Garage Malaysia reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive.

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