{V20} Enchante Me


If you want to make someone special feel loved, especially on Valentine’s Day, you should pick the beautiful Enchanté flower bouquet from Floral Garage. This bouquet has classic red roses, white ping pongs, and delicate light pink carnation sprays. It’s a perfect way to make your sweetheart happy and show them how much you care with these lovely flowers.

Height: 30cm
Length: 25cm

4 Stalks of Red Roses
2 Stalks of White Ping Pong
2 Stalks of Light Pink Carnation Spray
Eucalyptus Leaves

Perfect for:
Valentine’s Day
Romantic Gestures
Proving True Passion
Rose Lovers

– Delivery: Delivery to West Malaysia!
– Timing: VDAY – 9AM-6PM, Other Days – 10AM – 5PM, 5PM – 10PM
– Note: Do note that the flowers and box or wrapper might be different, but they will be just as lovely or even better.