{V13} Geraldine (Valentine)


This bunch of flowers from Floral Garage is amazing! It has pretty red roses mixed with delicate Baby Breaths (Gypsophila). The flowers are wrapped up really nicely, and it’s great for Valentine’s Day, special romantic moments, birthdays, or anniversaries. It shows your love and sweetness perfectly. Let this bunch of flowers speak your feelings on this day of love!

Height: 30cm, Length: 25cm

12 red roses, 3 white Baby Breaths

Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Romantic Moments, Showing True Love, Rose Lovers

– Delivery: Delivery to West Malaysia!
– Timing: VDAY – 9AM-6PM, Other Days – 10AM – 5PM, 5PM – 10PM
– Note: Do note that the flowers and box or wrapper might be different, but they will be just as lovely or even better.