{V19} Soulmate and Love


This Soulmate flower bouquet from Floral Garage is like a beautiful song made of red roses with one white rose. It’s a lovely way to show your love. This Valentine’s Day, use this special bunch of flowers to tell your true love how much they mean to you. The arrangement is like a promise of forever. It’s a great way to express deep feelings and commitment on this love-filled day.

35cm (height) x 30cm (length)

1 white rose, 9 red roses, Eucalyptus Leaves

Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Romantic moments, Showing real passion, Rose lovers

– Delivery: Delivery to West Malaysia!
– Timing: VDAY – 9AM-6PM, Other Days – 10AM – 5PM, 5PM – 10PM
– Note: Do note that the flowers and box or wrapper might be different, but they will be just as lovely or even better.