{V9} Innocence Soap Rose Bouquet


Product Info:

This set includes 6 fake soap roses with some extra filler pieces. It also comes with a message card. The size is about 40cm tall and 25cm wide.

These soap flowers are not real but are made from regular soap. They are carefully carved to look like delicate flowers by Floral Garage. They resemble fresh flowers and can last up to 2 years. You can use them to decorate your room or for handwashing.

How long it lives: 1-2 years. You don’t have to water it or change its water, and keep it away from the sun.

– Delivery: Delivery to West Malaysia!
– Timing: VDAY – 9AM-6PM, Other Days – 10AM – 5PM, 5PM – 10PM
– Note: Sometimes, the flowers and box or wrapper might be different, but they will be just as lovely or even better.