{V76} Valentine’s Premium Freestyle Bouquet

Original price was: RM350.00.Current price is: RM299.00.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not sure what to get after so many years of celebrating Valentine’s Day? Fret not!
This is a common problem for most guys out there, so our Valentine’s Freestyle Premium Bouquet is here to save you from your worries!
If you are looking for a regular-size freestyle bouquet, click here!

Leave it to our florists! Just choose a color theme and let our florists work their magic :)
Simply select red/pink or pastel theme.

The picture shown is just sample pictures.
Please note that certain valentine’s day flowers and fillers in 2023 may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability.
Floral Garage Malaysia reserves the right to replace components of the valentine’s product with equivalents that are more expensive.